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    The main aim of the site is to provide fans with a frequently updated resource that will allow them to stay connected and up-to-date on the latest news, photos, media etc. related to Rooney’s career. No profits are made from running the site, advertisements, or from any of the material found at the url.

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  • Thank You

    As anyone who has ever been a part of creating any kind of website will know, there’s a lot of work and dedication required–and fansites are no exception. These people have really helped make this site possible, so I would like to make my gratitude known for all their help and support.

  • Claudia – When I was deciding to pursue creating a site for Rooney, this lovely lady put me into contact with another former owner of the site (who I’ll mention below), and within hours, the domain name was mine – as well as a bunch of content and photos that you were planning to use. That really helped set the plan into motion, and I can’t say thank you enough for that.
  • Stef – Some of you may have been previous visitors to the site when it was online as Radiant Rooney Mara (rooney-mara.org) back between 2015 and 2016, and Stef was resposible for creating the wonderful resource. After I was put into contact with her (courtesy of Claudia), her willingness to support me with donating thousands of photos that she had saved was a really lovely gesture. New zip folders were sent to me each week – it was literally Christmas coming over and over for a fan of Rooney.
  • Hayley – A critical part of any website is finding a reliable, afforable hosting service. Fan St. is both of those things, and the lady at its helm is the very kind and lovely Hayley. There has been a lot of patience required while I’ve slowly put this site together, and thankfully Hayley has been able to offer than – I’ve never felt pressured in any way, only supported and any assistance I’ve required has always been available to me.