Welcome to Rooney Mara Archives, a fan resource for the talented actress. Our aim is to provide a high-quality website for fans of Rooney to keep updated with her latest career developments, articles, photos, and much more. The site is constantly growing, but we already provide a photo gallery with over 27,000 images, an in-depth look at Rooney's projects, and a press archive filled with magazine and online transcripts and interviews. Thank you for visiting!

Opening of Rooney Mara Archives

After many months of stalling, delaying, then working, then delaying… well, you get the picture–but thankfully I am glad to say that Rooney Mara Archives is finally open. This site has been a quiet passion project of mine since last Christmas, and since late March I have been working behind the scenes to try and get things prepared and ready. That’s not to say I’ve put nine months of work into this site–quite the opposite, but that is how long it had been sitting with a “coming soon” page that was meant to represent exactly that. But, as many fansite owners can agree, sometimes it’s not always that easy, and more often than not real life occurs.

These past few weeks, I figured enough was enough and it was long overdue that I finally put things into motion and got working on the site again. As of right now, the site is still developing, especially in terms of content. My aim is to make the site as resourceful and detailed as possible–just as the site name suggests, an online archive for Rooney’s projects, photos, interviews and beyond. I have a long, long way to go with achieving that, but this is a start I am content with. Our gallery features over 22,000 photos, many of which are courtesy of the sites two previous owners, Claudia and Stef – both have helped me so much in the gallery portion of the site. Thank you ladies! I have also started to put together a press archive, featuring various print and online interviews with Rooney from throughout her career.

I’d also like to say a big thank you to my host, Hayley for her patience while this site was in creation. And for the lovely header, thank you to Carol of Sin21–complemented beautifully by the customized coding courtesy of Kaleidoscope3 Designs. I hope you’ll enjoy what the site has to offer so far–many updates are on the way in coming weeks and months, so please continue to stop by, check back, bookmark and help us to grow 🙂

Written by Alexa

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